Refrigerator Appliance Repair Help and Parts

Refrigerator Appliance Repair Help and Parts

Most readers are here because their refrigerator is broken or not working properly! Lets not waste time.

Top Mount & Side By Side Fridge

Question: Do you have any lights in the fridge? If yes, you have power, go to the next question.

The answer is no: Check lights first, then check your outlet where your refrigerator is plugged in, then your switch. If you have your cooling plug connected to a GFI, see if you are GFI triggered.

Question: My fresh food compartment is too hot but the freezer seems fine.

Answer: There are several reasons this may happen. Most of the time, it is a Defrost Problem.

(Note: just because you think your freezer is good, maybe not)

If you notice that Frost builds on the back of the freezer, you may have a defrosting problem. The basic defrosting system is: Your heater, your limiter and timer if any of these fail, you will have a smooth frost on the backside (most side-by-side refrigerators and top mounted models)) Note! (Depending on where your evaporator is located). If you have no idea what Im talking about, call a repairer. On the other hand if you get the idea, let me help a little more! You can control your heater and limiter with a multimeter. You must have the component disconnected and the limiter must be cold to test it! The timer can not always be tested and comes in many new forms. It can be part of the main control, or an old mechanical timer or just an electronic timer.

Your evaporator fan can not work, this fan blows the cold air from your freezer to your fresh food compartment. You can listen in your freezer compartment to hear if the fan is on. You can half press the freezer door buttons to activate the fan. If your machine is in defrost mode, the fan will not turn on, so if your fan is not on, just check it for about 45 minutes and if it still does not turn on, your fan is probably bad.

If you have an electronic damper door, it can be in the closed position, which prevents airflow from the freezer side to the fresh food zone. This means that your thermostat may be bad, a sensor or a motherboard may be bad.

Question: Fresh food side and freezer are hotter

Your condenser coils may be dirty or the condenser fan may be poor, which will cause the compressor to overheat and shut down and cause the refrigerator to stop cooling until the compressor has cooled down. In some refrigerators, a good quick way to tell if your system gets too hot also feel the strip between the free cooking door and the freezer door. If this strip is hot, the compressor may overheat. Something you can do if you feel the middle strip is hot: (Take a fan and place it against the refrigerator and see if the strip does not cool down in about 45 minutes. This is just to help you get a repairer out to look at it.

There are many other reasons for this kind of problem: Intermittent compressor starter, intermittent thermostat, electronic circuit board problems, electronic thermostat problems.

Call a device repair service company to repair your device under any of these conditions.

An important note to all: Freon disappears it can only leak. That means there must be a hole! If you load the machine without fixing the hole, your machine will not be fixed. It can run for a day of the week, maybe a month or a year but its not resolved. This applies to refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. Do not let anyone tell you that it just needed a little freon. Your leak may be small enough to work for a month and you will lose all your food again!

Question: My ice maker will not make any ice cream

Answer: The issue system in most refrigerators consists of: the ice maker itself, the water inlet valve, the dispenser system and the lines that carry the water.

There are many different patterns.

Example: Is your ice-cream dish in your side by side? If so, you can have an emitter board that detects your ice height. This emitter board usually fails and needs to be replaced to restore the function of your ice maker. If you have this design, check the machines sheet for the Tech sheet, this sheet will help you to determine your problem.

A common problem with most ice-cream facilities is that the water tank has a slow leakage and freezes the water inlet pipe to the ice maker, which causes the ice maker to not receive water. In this case, you need to change the water valve or the water valve is simply bad. You will greet to clean the tube if it is frozen and make sure you replace the valve.

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